It’s Sunday… FOOTBALL!

I will not pretend to be a sports columnist, but I do enjoy watching a few games with my family after I get home from work every Sunday. And in my opinio- oh, what’s that? This has nothing to do with my blog’s theme? Au contraire!

There is nothing that is safe from being turned into a giant rage comic!

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What is a Rage Comic?

As time goes on, I am finding that people who are not normally savvy to internet culture still have some experience with rage comics, most notably the popular faces like “troll face” or “forever alone.” For those of you who are still a little unsure what the hell everyone is talking about, please click the link above and, as the semester goes on, I will try to highlight different faces to explain how they are used. Some are very self-explanatory, so I may not touch upon them as much (such as the classic FUUUUUUUUUU- face).

The only face that confused me the first time I ever saw it used is called the “me gusta face.” Know Your Meme offers a great explanation and examples, but the short version is that it means “I like it.” Originally it was used to represent a more perverse or sexual pleasure, hence its immense creepiness, but now it can also mean smaller and less strange pleasures. Take for instance, the feeling of cuddling in warm blankets on a cold morning:

Most comics which use this face use the me gusta face in its final panel, as is shown here. There are also infinite variants on the words “me gusta” where people often often change up the word gusta into just… (something)sta. It is a little hard to explain, so have another example!

I don’t personally sniff books, but I suppose it is a common thing? I notice a lot of references to it on Tumblr. Anyway! I hope you enjoyed this little informative segment and come back every now and then for more! I don’t know what to do about the Submit page we’re supposed to have, so if you would like to request I cover a rage face or meme, just send me an email or WordPress message!

To Anyone Who Has Worked in Retail

I don’t know if we’re allowed to start posting regularly yet, but I figured I’ll get started anyway with a quick rage comic! I saw this not long ago while browsing and figure that a lot of my peers have probably worked in retail at least once, so hopefully some of you can relate to this:

I work at the food court in Target, so my uniform comes complete with an apron and hat yet people STILL feel the need to ask me if I work there. Do you think they are trying to be polite or just not thinking before they ask?

Setting Up the Blog

I’ve never made myself a WordPress blog, though I have assisted others with the process in the past. People seem to think I am good at the internet? I spend more time on Tumblr then I do WordPress blogs, so I am likely to retrieve a lot of images from there when trying to glamor-up my posts. My design may not make this blog’s theme completely clear, but I am going to focus on both video games (hence the Pokemon), and internet culture. I love memes and rage comics, for instance, so I’ll make an effort to share some of my favorites on here.

I normally like to reblog cat GIFs, but I suppose I’ll have to put that on the back burner for now.

I also realize that my blog URL is “thinkbubbles” while my header says “Thought Bubbles.” The name I wanted was already taken, so I just fudged it and hope no one throws a fit over it. ANYWAY- Until I find myself a buffer of post material, welcome to my new blog and visit back often! I will do my best to entertain and remain (semi) relevant at all times. For all of you Zelda fans out there, I have a post in the works where I analyze (in total fan-girl fashion) the storyline of Majora’s Mask in more depth than most of my classmates will care about or understand! Stay tuned.

Are Chuck Norris jokes even in style anymore? Eh, who cares.