Inglip/Oh Crap/OMG Rage Face

It’s time for another educational post about rage faces! Today I’m going to cover “Inglip/Oh Crap/OMG Rage Face” – There are a few names and, to make it more confusing, there are two possible renditions of the face that I’ve seen:

From what I can tell, the face on the left is the original and was created in response to an unusual Captcha prompt: “inglip summoned.” Following the popularity of the first comic, another Captcha prompt of “create trathira” was added to the story of “Lord Inglip.” This is all fairly normal for how things progress on the internet, so don’t be alarmed.

“Followers of Inglip began calling themselves “Gropagas” and embraced the mock religion “Dectrip”, both of which are randomly generated words from CAPTCHAs.” – Know Your Meme

Eventually the image came to be used in less bizarre ways and could be used as a reaction image that portrays a range of emotions including astonishment, revelation, or sheer rage. The first time I ever saw Inglip used was in this semi-famous raisin comic:

As an avid hater of raisins, I thoroughly enjoyed this comic. The alternate image of Inglip, I think, best represents an attempt to repress rage rather than go full-out FUUUUUUUUU-! As seen in this comic, the boyfriend must attempt to contain his anger at his girlfriend’s video game incompetence:

This face is used fairly often in the rage comics that are currently being made, so you are likely to come across it without much effort. If anyone has a rage face or meme that they would like me to explain, send me a WordPress message or email me your request at!


Livin’ in the Sunlight

There’s these weird musical scarecrows in Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask, this one is in the astral observatory in Majora’s Mask. The game is kind’ve whacky in some aspects. The being said, enjoy the music/GIF combo! (Idea from Tumblr) Screencast

I decided to do my screencast on because it fits with the theme of my blog and I legitimately use it as a source of gaming information. I didn’t have any issues using the program, though I did find it difficult to narrate clearly and concisely without a script. When I did the podcast, I could plan ahead exactly what to say and then read off a script, but I couldn’t do that with the screencast because I had to keep looking at what I was doing. As such, I had to rehearse a few times and make a few mistakes (I had 4 takes) before I had something I was satisfied with.

I think this skill would be most useful for creating tutorials for computer programs because it allows someone to record exactly what they are doing in order to teach someone else. There are a LOT of tutorials for programs like Photoshop on Youtube, for instance, that use screencasting to teach the viewer. Screencasting is also used by gamers to record what they are doing and show it off later – usually a compilation of them winning against other players or, shall we say, “roflstomping dem noobz.” I have also used other programs such as Fraps to record games in the past in order to showcase new features in MMOs and put it on Youtube for other players to enjoy.

Using screencasting to record a guide for a blog seems a bit unusual outside the context of this class. If you want someone to see a blog, they have the chance to go through it at their own leisure, making them watch a video seems like a waste of time.

Click for the video!

I hope everyone else has a fun time creating their screencast, I can’t wait to watch them all!

Guild Wars 2: Zhaitan Fight

I defeated Zhaitan for the second time a few days ago since I got my mesmer to level 80 and figured I ought to finish the storyline again. I’m still disappointed with the final fight against him considering how awesome the combat mechanics are when you’re fighting lesser dragons in zone events. At the end of the dungeon, you and your teammates literally just stand on the airship and make the cannons fire over and over again while Zhaitan is stuck onto a tower like a stranded cat. All things considered, though, his visual design is pretty sweet:

He’s like… a dragon made out of dragons or something. Near the end of the fight, a bunch of little Zhaitan heads start to appear on the airship which are kind’ve adorable in a strange way. I could have sworn that I screenshotted them, but I guess I forgot to since it’s not in my screenshots folder. The point I’m trying to make: If you’re going to talk up a really awesome elder dragon for most of your character’s storyline, PLEASE make the final fight against him more exciting. I love this game in most regards so far, but this was a letdown.

Now it’s up to the Guild Wars 2 team to impress us with their first annual Halloween Event! I want an item that turns my head into a giant jack-o-lantern like they had in GW1!

Promo Time

With a little help from my boyfriend who has a degree in broadcasting (thanks honey!), making this podcast/promo/commercial/whatever was not as bad as I thought it would be. However! Windows Sound Recorder is a piece of garbage and literally has a start/stop button, so you can’t record over a mistake. If you fumble, you literally have to start over or fix it in the editing process. I won’t lie, I stumbled over the first sentence three times before I got it right, and then I realized my microphone is too soft and had to adjust its settings. Overall, I think the audio of my voice turned out about as good as it can get, so woot!

My favorite part of making this was deciding what music to use. For anyone who is unfamiliar with my choices, the first song is The GAG Quartet – le Internet Medley, and the second is from HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA (Fabulous Secret Powers). You may recognize the second video from my header! I would appreciate any and all feedback and look forward to listening to everyone else’s podcast/promo/commercial/whatever!