Dulfy.net Screencast

I decided to do my screencast on Dulfy.net because it fits with the theme of my blog and I legitimately use it as a source of gaming information. I didn’t have any issues using the program, though I did find it difficult to narrate clearly and concisely without a script. When I did the podcast, I could plan ahead exactly what to say and then read off a script, but I couldn’t do that with the screencast because I had to keep looking at what I was doing. As such, I had to rehearse a few times and make a few mistakes (I had 4 takes) before I had something I was satisfied with.

I think this skill would be most useful for creating tutorials for computer programs because it allows someone to record exactly what they are doing in order to teach someone else. There are a LOT of tutorials for programs like Photoshop on Youtube, for instance, that use screencasting to teach the viewer. Screencasting is also used by gamers to record what they are doing and show it off later – usually a compilation of them winning against other players or, shall we say, “roflstomping dem noobz.” I have also used other programs such as Fraps to record games in the past in order to showcase new features in MMOs and put it on Youtube for other players to enjoy.

Using screencasting to record a guide for a blog seems a bit unusual outside the context of this class. If you want someone to see a blog, they have the chance to go through it at their own leisure, making them watch a video seems like a waste of time.

Click for the video!

I hope everyone else has a fun time creating their screencast, I can’t wait to watch them all!


6 thoughts on “Dulfy.net Screencast

  1. Great screencast! I went to the same process of making it since you can’t really read from a script. And you are right to say that screencasting focuses more on tutorials and other types, rather than just showing a certain blog.

  2. Absolutely. Screencasts are very specific to the viewer and what they’re looking for. I’ve only watched a few that focus on video games. Your screencast was awesome. It was to the point and you wasted no time in going over the blog you chose.

  3. Before I made my screencast, I checked out others and yours stuck out the most to be in helpful terms on what exactly to do. You made it very clear and easy to understand everything. I enjoyed listening to your screencast as you were very specific about everything you analyzed and it really helped me out as well in the long run, therefore, I’d like to thank you for that! Great job!

  4. I found your screencast very interesting. I have a few friends that play SWTOR so I really have to pass this blog on to them. Ive used frap and other things to screen cast before too and found them a whole lot easier than jing. anyway, great job, Im definitely going to check this blog out.

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