I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with this page yet, so have a GIF!


3 thoughts on “Submit

  1. Hey! I think this page is supposed to be for where people can critique and leave comments, as per our assignment for this week and all. Anyway, that’s where Ive been doing it at least. Your blog clearly demonstrates your strong knowledge of this sort of thing, and your content is funny and clever. I appreciate the custom made banner, and I feel like you communicate information very clearly compared to some classmates, present company included. Anyway, if I have to criticize one thing (and I do, it’s an assignment after all), your images and headers are both really strong and eye catching, but the actual image content tends to get a bit lost behind all of it. You might want to consider interspersing more headers, spacing, bold text, italicizing or something throughout your text so that it doesn’t get lost so much behind the funny images.

    By the way, I love Pusheen!

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