Livin’ in the Sunlight

There’s these weird musical scarecrows in Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask, this one is in the astral observatory in Majora’s Mask. The game is kind’ve whacky in some aspects. The being said, enjoy the music/GIF combo! (Idea from Tumblr)

Advertisements Screencast

I decided to do my screencast on because it fits with the theme of my blog and I legitimately use it as a source of gaming information. I didn’t have any issues using the program, though I did find it difficult to narrate clearly and concisely without a script. When I did the podcast, I could plan ahead exactly what to say and then read off a script, but I couldn’t do that with the screencast because I had to keep looking at what I was doing. As such, I had to rehearse a few times and make a few mistakes (I had 4 takes) before I had something I was satisfied with.

I think this skill would be most useful for creating tutorials for computer programs because it allows someone to record exactly what they are doing in order to teach someone else. There are a LOT of tutorials for programs like Photoshop on Youtube, for instance, that use screencasting to teach the viewer. Screencasting is also used by gamers to record what they are doing and show it off later – usually a compilation of them winning against other players or, shall we say, “roflstomping dem noobz.” I have also used other programs such as Fraps to record games in the past in order to showcase new features in MMOs and put it on Youtube for other players to enjoy.

Using screencasting to record a guide for a blog seems a bit unusual outside the context of this class. If you want someone to see a blog, they have the chance to go through it at their own leisure, making them watch a video seems like a waste of time.

Click for the video!

I hope everyone else has a fun time creating their screencast, I can’t wait to watch them all!

Guild Wars 2: Zhaitan Fight

I defeated Zhaitan for the second time a few days ago since I got my mesmer to level 80 and figured I ought to finish the storyline again. I’m still disappointed with the final fight against him considering how awesome the combat mechanics are when you’re fighting lesser dragons in zone events. At the end of the dungeon, you and your teammates literally just stand on the airship and make the cannons fire over and over again while Zhaitan is stuck onto a tower like a stranded cat. All things considered, though, his visual design is pretty sweet:

He’s like… a dragon made out of dragons or something. Near the end of the fight, a bunch of little Zhaitan heads start to appear on the airship which are kind’ve adorable in a strange way. I could have sworn that I screenshotted them, but I guess I forgot to since it’s not in my screenshots folder. The point I’m trying to make: If you’re going to talk up a really awesome elder dragon for most of your character’s storyline, PLEASE make the final fight against him more exciting. I love this game in most regards so far, but this was a letdown.

Now it’s up to the Guild Wars 2 team to impress us with their first annual Halloween Event! I want an item that turns my head into a giant jack-o-lantern like they had in GW1!

Promo Time

With a little help from my boyfriend who has a degree in broadcasting (thanks honey!), making this podcast/promo/commercial/whatever was not as bad as I thought it would be. However! Windows Sound Recorder is a piece of garbage and literally has a start/stop button, so you can’t record over a mistake. If you fumble, you literally have to start over or fix it in the editing process. I won’t lie, I stumbled over the first sentence three times before I got it right, and then I realized my microphone is too soft and had to adjust its settings. Overall, I think the audio of my voice turned out about as good as it can get, so woot!

My favorite part of making this was deciding what music to use. For anyone who is unfamiliar with my choices, the first song is The GAG Quartet – le Internet Medley, and the second is from HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA (Fabulous Secret Powers). You may recognize the second video from my header! I would appreciate any and all feedback and look forward to listening to everyone else’s podcast/promo/commercial/whatever!

Majora’s Mask

As promised, this blog will also include video games! I’ve always been a fan of the Legend of Zelda games, most specifically the N64 and newer ones. I’m sure the older ones are excellent, I just never owned the proper console to play them. As much as I love Ocarina of Time, I’m going to first focus on Majora’s Mask because it holds a creepiness in my heart that can only be held by something you first experienced as a kid.

The moon is falling and you have only 3 days to save the land of Termina – that’s right, this one does NOT take place in Hyrule. Skullkid (shown above) made a very tiny appearance in Ocarina of Time, but he takes on a much larger role in Majora’s Mask as the puppet of the main villain… the mask itself! This game ranks among my all time favorites because of its unusual story telling which, once analyzed, seems much deeper than it was on the surface when I first played it as a child. Or maybe I just see deep meaning in things because I’m a communication major, who knows.

On that note, I present to you a small analysis of the story (forgive my fangirl-ness on this one) which focuses on my interpretation of some aspects of the story. Feedback is appreciated if you’ve played the game as well!


Compared to other Zelda games, Majora’s Mask is somewhat unique. There is no Hyrule, no Princess Zelda, no Ganondorf, and not even a Triforce. So I have to wonder how the hell Link went from the Ocarina of Time world to… whatever the hell Termina is supposed to be. I have been thinking about it and, admittedly, I have not actually played the game in years, but I remember enough of it to make my own conclusions.

Basically, I think Termina does not actually exist in the tangible world as far as Hyrule and whatnot. In fact, I don’t think it exists to anyone but Link and the entire story is about him overcoming his personal demons and exploring the many aspects of “self.” Most strongly, I think it questions his identity as a “hero” and the many inner monsters a person must face in order to remain true to this identity. Can Link always be a hero? Is that his master identity or merely a situational one?

Throughout the entire game, Link collects all sorts of masks which range from mundane, to creepy, to downright silly. A mask covers a person’s face, but also represents an outward facade that does not change what is at the core of the person. What makes his transformation masks unique, however, is that someone must die in order for Link to acquire it (It’s not explicitly said in-game how the Deku mask’s original owner died, but it is pretty obvious that it was the Deku Butler’s son if you pay attention).

The point in the story that (to me) most directly points toward the theory that this ENTIRE adventure is the discovery of Link’s own identity is at the very end when Link is sucked up into the moon’s mouth and encounters some creepy children running around a tree in a field. There are five children, four of which are wearing the boss masks and the fifth is wearing Majora’s Mask.

“Your true face… What kind of… face is it? I wonder… The face under the mask… Is that… your true face?” — Child wearing Twinmold’s mask

Bingo! I don’t think it could be said any more clearly than that. They are children (like Link) who are wearing the masks of his slain foes. Like, holy cow that is so obvious. And this theory also answers the question of where the Fierce Deity mask comes from. In order to obtain it, Link gives away each of his masks one by one to these creepy children until none are left. Once every possible facade is gone, he is left with only his one true self: the Fierce Deity! Just like the other transformation masks, someone has to die in order for it to be created, in this case it is Link’s multiplicity of selves that is sacrificed in order to realize who he really is.

There is a reason the transformation looks like Link on steroids, folks. That is because it is him.

So then, what is Majora’s Mask? Hell, I don’t know if it really is one thing. I’m not the best person to ask about literary motifs, but I think it could represent regret. One of the many great aspects of this game’s story telling is how intimately you get to know almost every character. There are some prominent side-quests like the Kafei/Anju love story, but even the minor characters are all affected in some way by Link’s actions whether they know it or not. In the end, though, it is impossible to help everyone in Termina in only three days. Link can go back in time over and over to help them, but ultimately he cannot permanently make everyone happy. When the three days end for the final time and Link faces Majora’s Mask, he is facing the regrets of those he could not manage to help in the final three days.

Setting Up the Blog

I’ve never made myself a WordPress blog, though I have assisted others with the process in the past. People seem to think I am good at the internet? I spend more time on Tumblr then I do WordPress blogs, so I am likely to retrieve a lot of images from there when trying to glamor-up my posts. My design may not make this blog’s theme completely clear, but I am going to focus on both video games (hence the Pokemon), and internet culture. I love memes and rage comics, for instance, so I’ll make an effort to share some of my favorites on here.

I normally like to reblog cat GIFs, but I suppose I’ll have to put that on the back burner for now.

I also realize that my blog URL is “thinkbubbles” while my header says “Thought Bubbles.” The name I wanted was already taken, so I just fudged it and hope no one throws a fit over it. ANYWAY- Until I find myself a buffer of post material, welcome to my new blog and visit back often! I will do my best to entertain and remain (semi) relevant at all times. For all of you Zelda fans out there, I have a post in the works where I analyze (in total fan-girl fashion) the storyline of Majora’s Mask in more depth than most of my classmates will care about or understand! Stay tuned.

Are Chuck Norris jokes even in style anymore? Eh, who cares.