Inglip/Oh Crap/OMG Rage Face

It’s time for another educational post about rage faces! Today I’m going to cover “Inglip/Oh Crap/OMG Rage Face” – There are a few names and, to make it more confusing, there are two possible renditions of the face that I’ve seen:

From what I can tell, the face on the left is the original and was created in response to an unusual Captcha prompt: “inglip summoned.” Following the popularity of the first comic, another Captcha prompt of “create trathira” was added to the story of “Lord Inglip.” This is all fairly normal for how things progress on the internet, so don’t be alarmed.

“Followers of Inglip began calling themselves “Gropagas” and embraced the mock religion “Dectrip”, both of which are randomly generated words from CAPTCHAs.” – Know Your Meme

Eventually the image came to be used in less bizarre ways and could be used as a reaction image that portrays a range of emotions including astonishment, revelation, or sheer rage. The first time I ever saw Inglip used was in this semi-famous raisin comic:

As an avid hater of raisins, I thoroughly enjoyed this comic. The alternate image of Inglip, I think, best represents an attempt to repress rage rather than go full-out FUUUUUUUUU-! As seen in this comic, the boyfriend must attempt to contain his anger at his girlfriend’s video game incompetence:

This face is used fairly often in the rage comics that are currently being made, so you are likely to come across it without much effort. If anyone has a rage face or meme that they would like me to explain, send me a WordPress message or email me your request at!